On September 1, 2015, Norfolk Power was fully transitioned over to Hydro One. We are working hard to make this a smooth transition for you and we look forward to continuing to serve you as Hydro One employees.

Starting in September, you will be billed separately for electricity and water services. All electricity bills will be produced and delivered by Hydro One. All water and waste water bills will be produced and delivered by Norfolk Water and Waste Water.

We would like to remind you that if you have a Norfolk Power bill with an August date to please pay it immediately in any of the manners you traditionally used.

Your electricity bill:

Starting with your September 2015 electricity bill, all customers will receive paper bills from Hydro One. If you would like to receive an electronic Hydro One bill, you will need to sign up with the Canada Post epost service after receiving your first paper bill from Hydro One.

Please contact 1-844-743-6173 if you have any billing concerns or questions about your new electrical only bill.

Here are some useful links for your electricity bills:

If you are a Norfolk Power MyAccount user please remember that this feature will be available only until September 30. Please download any copies of your previous invoices that you wish to retain as this option will not be available past this date.

Your water/wastewater bill (if applicable):

Starting in September, you will be billed separately for electricity and water services. You will receive your water and wastewater bill from Norfolk Water and Wastewater. Starting with your first bill, your water/wastewater bills will come in paper format. Norfolk Water and Wastewater will not be offering an ePost option at this time.

Should you wish to make changes to your water and wastewater service or would like to report a leak please contact the Norfolk County Water Utility at 519-582-2100 or 519-428-0020 during regular business hours, or 1-877-298-5888 for after-hours emergency water, sewer information.

For water billing inquiries please contact Norfolk Water and Waste Water at: 519-426-6014 or 1-844-241-6755.

For more information about Water and Waste Water please click the link: www.norfolkcounty.ca